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Find my published interviews, quotes & tips:

Podcast: "Parenting in the present"

In the Balance

Podcast: "How to talk about suicide and depression with your children"

Smart Social Podcast

"5 ways to create a healthy relationship with technology"

Thrive Global &


"How to raise teens who are world-aware global citizens"


Radio Interview: An Introduction to my Work 


"Why we stress-spend during the holidays - and how to stop."

NBC News

"3 surprising ways you might be reinforcing gender roles"


Blog: "TEDx Pickering Street 2018 — THRIVE"


"A Parent's Emotion Can Affect a Child's Self-Esteem"

Learning Success

"Why boys are more likely to be violent - and what we can do to stop it"

NBC News

Podcast: "Anxiety in children"

Passport Mommy

Blog: "6 ways to limit screen-time during Thanksgiving"

SpareFoot Blog

"Why boys are more likely to be violent - and what can we do to stop it"

NBC News

"For people with social anxiety, the internet is a blessing and a curse"

Huffington Post

"5 ways to conquer your FOMO, once and for all"

Hello Giggles

"11 little ways to support someone with high-functioning depression"

Huffington Post

"Check off these 6 to-dos when when making a big move"


- TEDxPickeringStreet Talk (Full) -

Emodiversity: Add to Dictionary

Teaser: TEDxPickeringStreet

talk on Emodiversity

Podcast interview (11:50min): Parenting in the age of technology, back-to-school, smart speakers, children and technology & screen-free time with the whole family

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