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#Chiara R. - Mother and Senior Financial Executive (London, U.K.)

"Thank you so so so so much for all your help - it was invaluable and it was wonderful to have someone calm, rational, pragmatic and wise to talk through all the technology use issues with, and help us come up with some practical and pragmatic solutions. In these situations, I think you tend to catastrophize in your own head and get stuck in a vortex of your own doom - so it was amazing to talk to you as you have a way of making people take a step back and see things calmly and rationally and put the behavior in context, which puts you in a better position to deal with it."

#Jeff M. - Father and CEO/Founder (New York City)

 "I enjoyed hearing your incites on parenting, kids & technology & have found myself referencing them several times already. I particularly loved your recommendation that parents should relate with their kids on tech & distraction as a means of communicating. From my experience with my own kids, the more I try to “rule with an iron fist” about tech use, while I myself am not modeling very well, it breeds a whole host of problems.

Quick anecdote; the other night I had to tell my 13yr old to put his phone away (for the millionth time) & noticed he was getting more & more angry with me for enforcing it. Then, instead of arguing with him about my reasons &/or the merits of taking a tech break, I decided to ask him for details on the book series he’s been reading…kind of resetting the table, as it were. I also know how much he loves those books & that he doesn’t really get to share that love with anyone. That turned into a solid, lively, hour-long exchange of ideas about storytelling, characters, themes, etc.

I share that with you because it was your talk the other night that inspired me to think more creatively about how I address tech-related issues in our family. So thank you!"

#Sarah S. - Stay-at-home mom (New York City)

"Thanks Teodora! It was so great hearing what you had to say about parenting and screen time. It’s already challenging raising a child, and now we have the extra challenge of how to “balance” screen time. My husband and I couldn’t stop talking about your session and how we can apply what you said to our daily lives with our daughter."

#L.P. - Mother and Freelancer (New York City)

"I had a chance to attend a talk on parenting and tech recently by Teodora, and came away with a lot of new information, and most importantly, tools I could apply to help manage my kids' use of tech. The aspect of family relationship building and bonding she discussed, to counter the negative effects of tech while embracing the positive, were for me the most useful."

#Anna G.C. - Mother and Editor (New York City)

"I had the pleasure of attending a talk given by Teodora at a Good for Girls event. I have two young sons, and the topic of parenting in the age of technology is a top concern. I came to the talk wanting tips on how to best shepherd my boys safely through their own technology use, and to get insights on how technology in our home in general affects their development. I left with both of those and so much more. Teodora began by sharing information on brain development and ways that many technology tools are designed to prey on the human brain's natural rhythms. Next, she shared ways technology use impacts children's mental, emotional, and social growth, and how, through modeling, vigilance, and awareness, parents and caregivers can steer children toward helpful, rather than harmful, tech use. Teodora stayed to answer our specific questions with grace and generosity. There is much to fear in raising children in this age of staggering information, but Teodora gave us hope. It was a wonderful night, highly recommend her work." 

#J.R. - Occupational Therapist & Supervisor (New York City)

"We have 5-6 presenters come in each year, and Teodora was clearly one of the best we’ve had. She was professional, organized, and impressively well informed of both the latest research and world-wide trends relevant to our subject. She knows what she’s talking about and how to communicate it in a way that is understandable to others. I particularly liked her format - cycles of 10-20 minute lectures followed by 10-20 minute group activities that deepen the comprehension of information presented during the lecture. Everyone was engaged and learning throughout the entire day - not an easy thing to pull off. It all added up to an invaluable day of learning for our [Occupational Therapy] providers. She has an open door to come back and present on new subject matters anytime she wants."

#J.S. - Department of Education Guidance Counselor (New York City)

"Teodora came to our school and presented to each of our 5th grade classes.  Her focus was on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  The students were very engaged and enjoyed the lessons that were presented- many even asked if she would be back to teach them the following week!  Teodora was personable and knowledgeable on the topic, and had a good rapport with the students and engaged them in dialogue about their own personal emotional awareness.  We would highly recommend others to invite Teodora to work in their schools with both their students and staff."

#S.W. - Mother and Psychotherapist (Singapore)

"My 4 year old daughter loved her weekly "calm classes"  with Teodora [BLOOM workshop, Singapore]. She showed marked improvement in the area of emotional regulation and impulse control during, and a few months following the programme. One of her favourite "tools" included the magnifying glass to spot the good in herself and the mindful drawing of hands alongside slowly breathing in and out.

She is a passionate and vibrant girl and the skills she learned from Teodora helped her better contain (not repress) those big feelings. Would highly recommend working with Teodora to other parents!"

#S.S. - Mother, Image Consultant and Entrepreneur (Singapore)“The BLOOM workshop that my daughter attended [in Singapore] changed my daughter for the better. Teodora was instrumental is giving each child dedicated, personalized attention with constant objective care. She was sincere in her work, and was an excellent link between my daughter and my husband and I. We trusted her in providing the right kind of tools and solutions for our daughter. Her professionalism is of the highest quality, and her sincere passion for her work is evident at every moment. We are eternally grateful to Teodora and would recommend her to everyone.”

#Nina Ernst - Associate Director of Programmes at The Art Science Museum (Singapore)

"Dear Teodora, Thank you very much for joining us for "Conversations: The Data Route" on 21 May, to mark and celebrate the launch of our new exhibition, "Big Bang Data." I'd like to thank you for your excellent and thought-provoking presentation and it is clear that the audience - all 250 of them - were engaged and stimulated by your contribution. I'm grateful for you putting the time and energy into your presentation, which gave such a clear and insightful overview of your field and which contributed so richly to making the event the success that it was. It must have been extremely hard to condense your very complex field into 20 snappy minutes but in terms of positive psychology and the connectivity and disconnection conundrum, we felt you succeeded in the most important thing of all, which was to challenge us to think about our own behavior. This was phenomenally powerful to us, and we hope you feel the ripples from this moment going forward. Once again, many thanks for your presentation, and I do hope we will have the opportunity to work with you again in the future."

#Stephanie Dickson - Founder of The WEDGE Asia (Singapore)

"Teodora joined us for one of our Wedge events [Wedge 13: EXPRESSION, Communicating you] and connected beautifully with the crowd. She was eloquent, captivating and engaging- a wonderful combination for a speaker. She was talking about positive psychology and expression through emotion, and translated the complicated theories into digestible easy to understand ideas. It was a pleasure having her on our stage and we would definitely recommend her."

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