how I came to be a psychologist and coach interested in children, parents, emotions, and a strengths-based approach to change.

Spanning 3 continents and 9 countries, my story is that of a third-culture kid whose ever-changing environment shaped my personal and professional life in powerful ways. The country I was born in ceased to exists in that form by the time I turned 10, and the country I actually grew up in was culturally too different to the one of my birth for me to call it 'my own.' I had no other choice but to find my own ways of connecting, belonging and forming a personal identity. What my meandering path has taught me, is that no one culture or society has figured out the one right way of being, parenting, or relating. Instead, the answers lie in a place that is far more profound and fundamental: our common humanity. 


My global background has allowed me to work with children and adults from many ethnic, linguistic, religious and cultural backgrounds, in the context of a therapist, teacher and trainer. In addition to my training in psychological therapies and Strategic Intervention Coaching, this has provided me with a unique perspective on how to address a range of issues and, ultimately, lead me to focus on a select few: digital wellness, parenting in the age of technology, emotional intelligence and strengths-based well-being. In the following video, I give some insights into these corner-stones of my work and explain how they came to be so important to me.