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An architect, a poet & an ethicist walk into a virtual conference...

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Anya Pechko & Teodora Pavkovic present:


with support from America Offline & Patrick McAndrew


The conversation around our digital future has, thus far, been dominated by professionals in the technology and marketing industries. It's no surprise given their size and power, and the fact that as we continue to use their products the way we do, they remain [at] large. Their voices are the loudest, but as the old saying goes: Saying it loud doesn't make it right.

Well, we wanted to change this state of affairs.

And now we have.

We present to you the very first virtual digital wellness conference that will bring together thought leaders from fields as varied as poetry and AI, psychology and architecture, to answer some of the most critical questions around the impact of technology design, implementation and consumption on individuals, families and the world.

Any conversation about Humane Technology needs to involve those who care for humanity. The people whose primary stakes are in humanity, not technology.

One of the many exiting features of our conference is that, for the very first time, leaders from Common Sense Media, The Center for Humane Technology, the Digital Wellness Collective and the Children's Screen-time Action Network will come together to speak on the same panel. These are the individuals and organizations leading the way towards more intentional, responsible and healthier technology use and we found it unacceptable that they have never been brought together in conversation before.


Our full list of distinguished speakers:

Jean Rogers, Director Screen-time Action Network

Nina Hersher, CEO Digital Wellness Collective

Max Stossel, Head of Education Center for Humane Technology

Samira Nanda Sine, Director Common Sense Media, NY

Patrick McAndrew, Actor, Tech Philosopher & Creative Consultant

Marshall Davis Jones, Poet MindBodySpeak

Lenore Skenazy, Founder LetGrow

David Klein, Founder America Offline

Mitchell Joachim, Architect & Urban Designer Terreform

Nadja Streiter, LMSW The Center for Internet & Technology Addiction

Michael Dzwil, LCSW South Oaks Hospital

Dr. Jody Adewale, Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Angela Diaz, Director Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center

Aaron Harvey, Mental Health Advocate & Co-founder Made of Millions

Juan Sanchez, Founder Bagby

Tiffany Schlain, Emmy-nominated Filmmaker & Author

Solome Tibebu, Mental Health Advocate & Behavioral Health Technology Strategist

Jess Davis, Multi-platform Storyteller, Creative Strategist & Editor

Veronica Schreibeis Smith, Global Pioneer in Wellness Architecture & Design

Renée Cummings, Criminologist & AI Strategist

David Ryan-Polgar, Pioneering Tech Ethicist

Yanni Loukissas, Prof of Digital Media Georgia Tech & Author

Oluwatosin Olabode, Digital Wellness Consultant & Author

Helena Rampersaud, Poet & Podcaster

Bianca Jones Marlin, Neuroscientist & Researcher Columbia University

Tracy Dennis-Tiwary, Prof of Psychology & Neuroscience & CEO Wise Therapeutics

Titania Jordan, CMO and Chief Parent Officer

Mark Burrell, CEO and Founder Weldon

Michaeleen Doucleff, Scientific Editor & Reporter NPR

Barbara Biziou, Transformational Vision Coach, Author & Spiritual Teacher

Tracy E. McDowell, Feng Shui Designer & Storyteller


Anya Pechko, Founder ProjectBe


Since our conference will be taking place during one of the most trying times for our planet, we will be donating 50% of our ticket proceeds to a women and children's charity in New York City.

Please head over to the HUMANITECH website to purchase a ticket and be part of this global digital wellness conversation.

We kindly ask you to share this event with your own communities and would so appreciate your help in making our Digital Wellness voices be heard around the World.



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