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The 8 Hows & Whys of Screen-Free Time

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

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Last week was designated by the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood to be a screen-free one. Schools, families and other communities around the world were called upon to unplug from any entertainment-based screen devices, and to explore outdoor activities and quality human-human interactions instead.

For parents, teachers and caregivers who are feeling overwhelmed and are unsure about what the antidote to excessive tech-usage is, just remember that the simplest answer is the right one: reconnect with your kiddos by talking to them, walking with them, cuddling with them, dancing with them, and reading to/with them. More and more parents are finding themselves surprised by how thrilled their kids are when they (the parents) express a genuine interest in spending one-on-one quality time with them and a willingness to 'meet them' where they are at in their own world.

Here is the short version of the How's and Why's:

  • Help others (develop purpose & gratitude)

  • Move around (maintain physical health)

  • Connect directly (decrease stress & bond)

  • Notice what's here (be present & mindful)

  • Discover strengths (boost sense of competence)

  • Read a lot (increase literacy & sense of self)

  • Learn tech-free (reduce distraction & improve focus)

  • Be bored (improve imagination & self-regulation)

And here is the pretty version:

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If you notice your initial reaction to this being something along the lines of: "Agghhh, here's yet another thing I have to do, let me just add that to my mile-long To Do list!," here is a thought from one of the world's leading happiness researchers to help you deal:

"... our intentional, effortful activities have a powerful effect on how happy we are, over and above the effects of our set points and the circumstances in which we find ourselves." Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky

Happy [tech-free] parenting!


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