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Don't forget your mind in your move

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Our fast-paced world sees us constantly facing change, which is often down to the speed with which information moves thanks to #Technology. The day-to-day adaptability that is required of us is hard enough, but it's those big life moves that can really throw us off-track. Whether it's moving into a new job, changing apartments, or changing countries, these transitions can wreak havoc on our bodies and minds, all the more so because what we tend to focus on is the logistics- did I pack this, did I forget to settle that, I have to make sure I have this, and I need to set up the right timing for that.

In a recent #Thriveworks article, I shared the 6 things to focus on and prioritize in order to make a mindful move, all based on research from the fields of #Neuroscience, #Mindfulness and #PositivePsychology.





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